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Understanding Dharma for Personal Growth

Thien Lanh doc sach edited

In the journey of seeking happiness and peace, the Buddhist path is a very important source of illumination. What matters most is understanding how to study the scriptures to attain genuine benefits. Because Buddhism is not just about supplication; it is closely related to wisdom – a profound understanding of life.

The Buddha is the one who achieved enlightenment and showed the path to liberation. However, he cannot save us through divine intervention. Therefore, studying the scriptures is not superstition but a journey of acquiring knowledge and goodwill.

Studying the scriptures to understand the Buddha, have faith in the Buddha, and follow the Buddha’s teachings turns this faith into something akin to the fruit of wisdom. This is not superstition but a righteous belief in life and the Buddhist way of living.

If a particular scripture can be applied to your daily life, helping you reduce suffering, transform your inner self, and cultivate goodness, then reading and reciting scriptures regularly will make it penetrate your soul. This helps you practice Buddhism effectively and promotes spiritual growth.

How to understand Buddhist scriptures? In today’s Western world, people have ample wealth and material comforts but still feel lacking and restless because their spiritual life is impoverished. They lack faith and don’t know what to believe in to attain true happiness. As Buddhists, we have faith in the Triple Gem, a refuge in times of suffering, which is fortunate.

Every process of practice goes through three stages: listening, contemplation, and meditation. Listening is hearing, contemplation is thinking, and meditation is applying. Learning the scriptures is listening, and reciting them is also listening because it involves speaking and listening to the teachings of the Buddha. However, if you learn without applying it in practice, it’s just empty knowledge. Having the listening aspect but lacking contemplation and meditation, it’s easy to fall into superstition.

Remember, studying the scriptures is not superstition but a way to seek knowledge and apply it to your daily life. Explore which Buddhist scripture is suitable for you and embark on your meaningful learning journey!


Good Books – Buddha’s Books for Children

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