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Transforming Trash into Beauty

From discarded plastic bags, glass, and plastic bottles, a young man from Phu Quoc has meticulously transformed them into stunning works of art.

Làm đẹp cho rác - Ảnh 1.

The artwork is beautifully crafted from recycled glass bottles by the talented young man from Can Tho.

“It only takes a second to throw away a plastic bag, but it can take 500 to 1,000 years for it to decompose in the absence of sunlight,” he reads, inspiring him to recycle everyday items like plastic bags, plastic and glass bottles. By giving them a new aesthetic, he believes everyone can appreciate and retain them, contributing to reducing non-biodegradable waste in the environment. – Ngô Phú Quốc, currently working in Can Tho, recalls his initial idea.

Initially, Quoc cleans the bottles and plastic bags he wants to use, then creates patterns using the plastic or any discarded items, sticking them with glue, and using colors to create dimensions.

The greatest challenge is selecting the right type of paint and adhesive to create patterns on the bottles that align with the idea, turning a “trash” item into a new story.

Làm đẹp cho rác - Ảnh 2.

Young Ngô Phú Quốc experiments with creating art pieces from discarded items.

“Every time I complete an ‘art trash’ piece, I feel very satisfied, like I’ve done something useful by reusing a glass bottle combined with hard-to-decompose plastic bags,” Quoc shares.

After finishing his creations, Phú Quốc shares them on his handmade fan page to spread his ideas and methods. Many people, after seeing his recycled art pieces, expressed interest and placed orders.

Not stopping there, using his smartphone, the young man from Can Tho records videos of his recycling process and organizes meetings to help other young people utilize discarded household items to create simple recycled products like flower pots and night lamps.

“I hope to inspire others with recycling ideas. If each person minimizes a small amount of household waste, sorts it correctly before disposing of it, we can protect the environment and create jobs for those with limited work capacity or the elderly,” Quoc expresses.

Làm đẹp cho rác - Ảnh 3.

Recycling glass bottles combined with plastic bag patterns has resulted in attractive art pieces.

Làm đẹp cho rác - Ảnh 4.

Quoc meticulously creates patterns for plastic bottles from plastic bags and other discarded items.

Làm đẹp cho rác - Ảnh 5.

… transforming paper cores into beautifully crafted pen holders.

Làm đẹp cho rác - Ảnh 6.
Làm đẹp cho rác - Ảnh 7.

Art pieces from medical glass tubes – Quoc sterilizes and recycles these materials used in healthcare.

Làm đẹp cho rác - Ảnh 8.

Beauty from “trash.”
(Source: Tuổi Trẻ)

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