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Transforming Fabric Scraps into Unique Eco-Friendly Creations

Holding in hand products like handbags, wallets, hats, pillowcases… beautifully crafted, soft, and harmonious in every detail, no one would think that they are recycled from fashion waste that we often discard every day.

Turning Passion into Useful Work

The creator of these unique recycled products made from scraps of fabric mentioned above is a young woman named Dương Thị Thùy Linh (28 years old, residing in Hanoi). Her journey begins with an endless passion for quilts – a type of fabric whose beauty lies in the spontaneous arrangement of pieces, patches, and colors side by side, creating a different emotion. Combining this with her love for the environment, Thùy Linh came up with the idea and dedicated all her time to “”””transform”””” ordinary fabric scraps into unique quilt artworks.

image 120
With skillful hands and Thùy Linh’s creativity, many fabric scraps have been “”””transformed”””” into unique and unusual fashion items.

Explaining why she chose quilt products for recycling, Thùy Linh revealed that depending on the colors and patterns on each piece of fabric, when they are creatively assembled, the nuances and emotions of the creator and the viewer become different. This gives quilt products a special meaning and unique messages.

It is known that in the summer of 2019, the “”””Maximize”””” project – which operates with only 6 core members – was introduced to the community by Thùy Linh. True to its name, “”””Maximize”””” prioritizes the use of fabric scraps at Thùy Linh’s family fabric workshop and local fabric stores for recycling. After 5 years of operation, the project has gained special attention from the green living community, especially on social media.

Lê Uyên, residing in Nam Định city, Nam Định province, shared, “”””I am very impressed with Linh’s products because she combines very eye-catching color patches and unique and unusual patterns. I have explored many recycling stores, even ones that recycle old jeans, but Linh’s products are the most suitable for all ages.””””

Sharing more about the recycling process, Thùy Linh said, “”””After collecting enough fabric scraps, we spread them out, iron them flat, and cut the scraps to fit each quilt pattern. Then, we have to meticulously hand-sew or piece the fabric together to create highlights for the products. Finally, we refine and shape them into lovely items.””””

Currently, the recycled products from the “”””Maximize”””” project have prices ranging from 200,000 to 1,000,000 VND, depending on the complexity of each product. These products are made handmade and require meticulous work, so it takes a lot of time to complete one product. Customer understanding, patience, and love for these recycled products are a source of joy and motivation for Thùy Linh to continue creating and spreading the value of environmentally friendly products to the community.

Spreading a Green Lifestyle

Proud of her recycled products, Thùy Linh expressed, “”””I believe the advantage of ‘Maximize’ is that these products are entirely handmade and almost unique. When you create a recycled product and share it with everyone around you, it means you share the same love and desire to protect the environment.””””

Looking back on the past 4 years and planning for future development, Thùy Linh is very confident and full of energy. “”””Currently, the products from the ‘Maximize’ project are available all over the country. Every month, I receive more than 100 orders for various types of products,”””” Thùy Linh said, hoping to spread the significance of this recycled product line even more on social media so that everyone can access environmentally friendly products and develop a green living habit.

Hoàng Giang (23 years old, working in Hanoi) hopes that in the near future, the “”””Maximize”””” project will introduce more recycled products and “”””green”””” everyday consumer products. “”””In addition, I still hope that Thùy Linh and the project will organize sharing workshops, providing guidance on recycling to connect community members who live a green life,”””” Giang said.

(Source: Thanh Niên Newspaper)

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