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The Green Volunteering Initiative: Serving Late-Night Meals to the Underprivileged

Cần Thơ Youth Group’s Kind Deeds Warm Hearts of the Underprivileged

A group of young volunteers in Cần Thơ, known as the ‘Green Volunteer Group’, has been dedicating their time to prepare and personally distribute meals of fried eggs, sausages, stir-fried beans, with cucumber and tomatoes, to lottery ticket sellers and impoverished workers during the night.

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Meals prepared by Cần Thơ’s youth bring warmth to the poor workers – Photo by NGỌC DIỄM

The volunteer group, composed of students from Cần Thơ, was established in 2019 with just 15 members. Over four years, they’ve quietly brought joy to many in need and continue their compassionate journey.

Boxes of Joy

Dương Nhật Quang, the group leader, describes the team as “3 no’s”: non-professional cooks, not minding the effort, and never lacking in sharing with the less fortunate. Recently, they prepared 100 portions of Yangzhou fried rice to distribute to the needy workers and lottery ticket sellers at night.

Dividing tasks among themselves, some cooked rice, while others prepared vegetables, fried eggs, and sausages. Working amid laughter and chatter, they completed the warm meals and then rode through the streets of Tây Đô to distribute them with all their hearts.

Whenever they encountered anyone working late, they stopped to give a meal. Nguyễn Văn Hai, a 62-year-old lottery ticket seller, gratefully accepted the food. Struggling to make ends meet, Mr. Hai said, “Receiving a box of food and water from these young people makes me happy. It gives me more energy to sell more tickets.”

Nguyễn Văn Phước, a security guard in Ninh Kiều district, appreciates the kindness of these youths, who often provide him with a meal or sandwich. “I’ve started recognizing these kids!” he exclaims.

Nguyễn Thị Yến Nhi, a 20-year-old member and nursing student at Cần Thơ Medical College, shared, “We usually go out from 8 PM to 11 PM. It’s a small effort to help those in need. Though the meals aren’t large, they surely bring warmth to those working at night.”

Engaging with Orphaned Children

In addition to cooking and giving away meals, the group participates in environmental protection activities and visits orphaned and Agent Orange-affected children. On the day of our visit, they were busy wrapping gifts and preparing for a visit to the Hoa Mai Cần Thơ Orphanage in Châu Thành A district, Hậu Giang.

Group member Nhật Quang said, “Whenever we visit, the children are overjoyed. We give as much as we can, without fixed schedules or considering the effort. We continue because we know we’re bringing not just gifts but also love to these disadvantaged children.”

Despite their diverse ages, fields of study, and schedules, the ‘Green Volunteer Group’ is united in their desire to share love and support with those struggling in life. Their bond strengthens with each activity.

Mr. Võ Hoàng Giang, director of the Hoa Mai Cần Thơ Orphanage, said the group had visited many times, bringing gifts, playing with the children, and helping with various tasks. “The last time, they brought not only gifts but also 200kg of rice and 30 meals with fried chicken and pumpkin soup. We deeply appreciate the enthusiasm and kind hearts of these young people,” Mr. Giang expressed.

(Source: Tuổi Trẻ Online)

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