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Sun of Hope Foundation: Contributing Over 6.6 Billion VND for Pediatric Care

A total of 196 child patients at hospitals across the country have received financial support ranging from 30 to 100 million VND for treatment in the first six months of 2023.

An amount of 6.6 billion VND has been provided for two organ transplant cases, 12 stem cell transplant cases, and 182 cases undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, etc., at various hospitals including the Central Pediatric Hospital, K Hospital, Xanh Pon General Hospital, Dien Bien General Hospital, Hue Central Hospital, Danang Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital, Children’s Hospital 2, Oncology Hospital, and Ho Chi Minh City Hematology and Blood Transfusion Hospital.

9-year-old Luu Xuan Giang from Hai Phong is one of the difficult cases supported by the program. She was diagnosed with bone cancer earlier this year. She had to undergo two surgeries and 52 weeks of chemotherapy.

The family faced difficulties as her parents were imprisoned for working illegally abroad and could not return to the country. From the age of 2 until now, Giang has been living with her grandmother and relatives. When she fell ill, all the medical expenses were covered by contributions from both family members, inside and outside the family.

After more than four months of treatment, the total amount has exceeded 100 million VND, with most of it borrowed. Recently, Giang’s family had to apply for financial support for her treatment. “”Perhaps because she has been away from her parents since she was young, she doesn’t talk much and just cries when asked anything. I am old and don’t have the money for her medical treatment; I can only accompany her to the hospital,”” shared Giang’s grandmother, Nguyen Thi Duoc, 76 years old.

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Nguyen Thi Duoc, 76 years old, taking care of 9-year-old Luu Xuan Giang at Hai Phong Children’s Hospital on the afternoon of July 8. Photo by Hai Anh. In addition to financial support, the Sun of Hope program also provided more than 4,600 nutritious meals (nearly 140 million VND) to 705 child patients at Dien Bien General Hospital. Concurrently, the program collaborated with many businesses to organize activities to give gifts, provide milk, and create play areas. In the first six months of this year, the Sun of Hope continues its series of activities to raise awareness and raise funds for vulnerable children in Vietnam, including Vietnam’s hopes, including forums and exhibitions. These results were accompanied by the contribution of Thien Tam Fund (more than 2 billion VND), Mitsubishi Motors Vietnam (500 million VND), and VnExpress readers and other organizations and individuals (more than 1.9 billion VND). On average, Vietnam diagnoses an additional 2,500 new cases of cancer in children each year, according to a representative of the Central Pediatric Hospital. In developed countries, over 80% of children with cancer are cured, while the rate in low and middle-income countries is only 20%. The main reason for this disparity is that Vietnamese families of child patients often have low incomes and have difficulty accessing advanced treatment methods. Launched in March 2021, the Sun of Hope is a joint program of the Hope Fund and the Sun of Hope program founded by Minh Nhan, with the participation of individuals and organizations, including Thien Tam Fund. The program is coordinating with leading hospitals in cancer treatment with the goal of supporting financially and uplifting the spirits of poor child cancer patients, raising community awareness of childhood cancer.


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