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Seven Successful Strategies to Foster Reading Habit in Children

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Encouraging children to read is a good habit that helps develop their intelligence and creative thinking. However, not every child has the motivation and patience to read. So, how can we effectively promote reading habits in children? Let’s explore these 7 ways.

Step 1: Create a Reading-Friendly Environment

You can create a conducive reading environment by setting up a creative reading corner. Providing a dedicated space at home where children can comfortably read and explore the world of books is essential for any parent. Parents can also offer age-appropriate books and diversify the topics so that children have various options when choosing books. Establish a daily reading habit by setting a goal for children to read for at least 15 minutes each day and create a daily reading schedule.

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Image: Children at the Anh Sang Family Shelter enthusiastically reading the interactive book “”””Vui Cung Sen Sun Ngay Phat Ra Doi!””””

Step 2: Show Your Own Love for Books

First and foremost, develop a habit of reading books in front of your children. Children are more likely to be interested when they see adults around them reading books and sharing their love for books. They will automatically imitate and start reading on their own.

Telling stories and singing songs about books is also a good way to make children more excited about books. Alternatively, showing your love for books by buying books as gifts for children is a great way to encourage them to read and treat books as cherished gifts.

Step 3: Generate Interest Through Book-Related Activities

Create opportunities for children to discuss and share their opinions about the books they’ve read by organizing discussions and book sharing sessions. In addition, parents can encourage children to participate in book reading competitions, write essays about books, or visit libraries and book exhibitions. Libraries and book exhibitions are wonderful places for children to explore more about the world of books.

Step 4: Incorporate Technology into Reading

Using book reading apps on smartphones or tablets is a suitable means to encourage children to read. There are many book reading apps available on mobile devices, making it easy and convenient for children to access books. Watching movies and animations based on books will help children combine visuals and words, creating interest and engagement while reading. E-books can be taken anywhere and allow easy content searching, making it convenient and quick for children to access books.

Step 5: Turn Reading into a Game

Designing games related to books, such as puzzles, vocabulary games, or games based on book stories, will encourage children to find reading more enjoyable. Children should also be rewarded after completing reading tasks. This helps set reading goals and rewards children when they achieve those goals. Furthermore, if you organize group reading sessions and create a regular reading group, children will be more excited and interested in discussing books.

Step 6: Choose Age-Appropriate and Interest-Driven Books

Take your child to a bookstore to choose books. Allowing children to experience and participate in the book selection process will provide them with more options and boost their confidence and excitement when reading. At the bookstore, parents and children can preview books to determine suitable content and avoid age-inappropriate material. It’s also an opportunity for parents to ask for their children’s opinions on books to learn more about their interests and passions.

Step 7: Explore the World Through Books

Read books on topics that interest your child. Finding books on subjects that children are passionate about can help them expand their knowledge and explore more about the world around them. Together, we can explore different types of books such as picture books, study materials, and fictional books. Take children to libraries or bookstores to discover various types of books and connect what they read to real-life experiences. Parents can discuss with children what they have read and establish a connection between the knowledge from books and their daily lives.

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Image: Young friends solving interactive puzzles in the book “”””Where is Buddha?”””” by Sach Tot Dep.


So, there are 7 ways to promote effective reading habits in children. Are you ready to apply these methods to help children love and read more books?

Refer to good books for children.

Let’s make reading books a fun and beneficial habit for their lives!. ## Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Why is reading important for children?

Answer: Reading helps children develop language skills, enrich vocabulary, and improve communication abilities. Furthermore, reading encourages children’s creative thinking, memory, and imagination. Reading also helps children understand the world around them, expand their knowledge, and develop problem-solving skills.

Question 2: How can we encourage children to read?

Answer: There are many effective ways to encourage children to read. Create a comfortable and appealing reading environment, read together with children every day, and allow children to choose books they like. You can also use book-related activities such as bedtime stories or join book clubs.

Question 3: What type of books should I choose for children?

Answer: When selecting books for children, choose books that are suitable for their age and interests. Picture books are more appealing to younger children, while literature, science, or educational books are suitable for older children. Ensure that the book’s content is positive and aligned with the child’s education.

Question 4: How can we make children love reading books?

Answer: To make children love reading books, create a positive and exciting reading environment. Inspire them by reading sample books in front of them, place stories in real-life contexts, and create activities related to books. Allow children to choose books based on their preferences and create opportunities for them to share their emotions and thoughts about the books they’ve read.

Question 5: What are the other benefits of reading books for children?

Answer: Reading books can help children reduce stress, enhance concentration, and patience. It also helps children develop logic, intelligence, and creativity. Reading books is an excellent way to promote family bonds and create memorable moments. Furthermore, reading helps children explore the world and expand their knowledge.

Question 6: When is the appropriate time for children to start reading books?

Answer: Children can start reading books from a young age. Reading books to children when they are still babies can help them develop language skills and explore the world around them. As they grow older, you can encourage them to read on their own and create opportunities for them to read books based on their personal interests. Regardless of the timing, reading books is always a great activity for children’s development. 

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