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Released Elephants Experience Freedom in the Forest

TPO – After being converted to eco-tourism, many individual elephants in Dak Lak have had their chains and passenger howdahs removed and have been brought back to Yok Don National Park.

image 368
Since the People’s Committee of Dak Lak Province signed an agreement with the Asian Animal Foundation (AAF), many elephants have received support and have been released in Yok Don National Park, which covers an area of 115,545 hectares.
image 369
Currently, Yok Don National Park has 10 elephants released into the forest to find food, live in a natural environment, and escape from human constraints. The elephants are no longer used for carrying passengers or trekking through streams and hills every day to generate income for local residents.
image 370
The released elephants are in areas with abundant food sources, near water sources, even during the dry season.
image 371
Bull elephant Thong Ngan (28 years old) enjoys searching for food after being brought back to Yok Don National Park.
image 372
According to Yok Don National Park, from 2018 to the present, the unit has cooperated with the Asian Animal Foundation to implement eco-tourism models that are elephant-friendly. “”When elephants are brought back to Yok Don National Park, they are free to move, not chained, and their living conditions have improved, so their health has significantly improved, and their lifespan will also increase,”” said a Yok Don National Park leader.
image 373
Abundant food sources, elephants enjoy their meals.
image 374
Elephants wade through streams in preparation for bathing.
image 375
Female elephant Kham Phanh (48 years old) enjoys soaking in water.
image 376
Kham Phanh the elephant uses its trunk to spray water.
image 377
Ms. Dinh Thuy Ngan (35 years old, Nam Dinh) said that this is the first time her family has visited Yok Don National Park to see elephants. The family witnesses the daily activities of the elephants.


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