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Promoting Reading: A Step Towards a Smartphone-Free Summer for Kids

Reading books together with your child is one of the simple, cost-effective choices that brings meaning to their summer.

On average, Vietnamese children start using mobile phones at the age of 9, which is 4 years earlier than children worldwide, according to a 2022 survey conducted by Google. According to a survey in the third quarter of 2022 by the Children’s Department, Vietnamese children spend an average of 5 to 7 hours per day on social media.

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1000 great inventions and discoveries condenses 3 million years of human creativity and curiosity: from ancient times with fire, axes, and wheat to modern times with smartphones, iPods, and unmanned aircraft…

Technology and the internet will undoubtedly bring many learning benefits to children; however, excessive exposure can have drawbacks. According to Dr. Pham Thi Thuy, a social scientist and a master of psychotherapy, tech experts recommend that children under 2 years old should not have any contact with technology devices. “”For children aged 2 to elementary school, the ideal screen time for phones and iPads is under 1 hour per day, but not more than 30 minutes per session,”” Dr. Thuy advises.

“”In many cases I’ve advised, parents complain that their children talk too little with them,”” this expert says. “”This means the children are losing their connection with the family, not to mention losing their connection with friends, teachers, neighbors, and the community.””

“”Online learning is about gaining knowledge and information, but learning problem-solving, interpersonal skills, work skills, must come from real life and real interactions. And technology devices are taking away children’s time and opportunities to experience that,”” adds Dr. Pham Thi Thuy.

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The Circle of Life guides readers to explore the beautiful natural world, diverse life on Earth: from fluttering butterflies and leaping dolphins to stars, planets, rivers, volcanoes, and even human beings themselves.

5 Simple Choices for a “”Smartphone-Free”” Summer for Your Child

To reduce your child’s dependence on their phone during the summer, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for families. According to Dr. Pham Thi Thuy, each parent needs to consider their specific circumstances and can integrate various options to create a healthy and meaningful summer for their child.

Here are 5 simple, cost-effective choices that parents can consider.

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The Circle of Life helps readers discover the beautiful natural world, diverse life on Earth: from fluttering butterflies and leaping dolphins to stars, planets, rivers, volcanoes, and even human beings themselves, making reading more enjoyable and exciting for children.

Encourage Your Child to Help with Household Chores

“”Parents can teach their children to cook, clean the house, do laundry, fold clothes, and tidy up… Depending on the child’s age, parents can assign suitable tasks,”” suggests Dr. Thuy. According to her, this simple approach is being applied by many parents, helping children develop life skills while effectively disconnecting them from technology devices.

Enroll in Talent and Sports Classes

Mr. Vu Thai Ha, CEO of INNMA Consulting and Training Company, is also a parenting expert in Ho Chi Minh City. He shares, “”In reality, there are plenty of public activities that are not scarce or difficult to participate in, from physical activities like swimming, martial arts, and various sports… to learning to play musical instruments, singing, and art classes. These courses not only get children out of the house and away from smartphone screens but also help them develop useful skills.””

Dr. Pham Thi Thuy adds that parents should understand their child’s interests and talents, and only enroll them in classes that they enjoy and are enthusiastic about.

Explore Outdoor and Nature-Based Activities

Bà Thúy emphasizes the importance of outdoor spaces and a close connection with nature for the holistic development of children. “”Let your child exercise and play outdoors, as it is much healthier and more valuable than indoor activities or indoor play areas with machines and devices,”” says Bà Thúy.

Today, in major cities, contrary to the impression of many, there are still many free or low-cost outdoor spaces that creative and proactive parents can find. “”Parents need to put in a little effort, and they can take their children closer to nature,”” shares Bà Thúy. For example, in Hanoi, there are lakesides and parks with greenery where families can enjoy themselves. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are river bus trips, providing a wonderful water experience, or places like Bình Quới…

Another simple option that many families choose is taking their children to the countryside. However, according to Dr. Phạm Thị Thúy, smartphones and computers are becoming increasingly common in rural areas. “”If you choose to take your child to the countryside, parents should ensure that there are enthusiastic and interesting activities for children to participate in, such as letting them play in the fields or helping grandparents in the garden. At the same time, there should be supervision to avoid children becoming dependent on technology,”” advises Dr. Thúy.

Enroll in summer programs

Another option for parents to consider is enrolling their child in summer programs, such as summer camps or summer retreats. Apart from expensive international summer camps, there are many cost-effective options organized by temples, communities, or non-governmental organizations.

However, families should carefully research the program information and be cautious to ensure that their child has a safe and meaningful experience.

Read books with your child

Finally, books are an effective “”alternative to smartphones,”” according to Dr. Phạm Thị Thúy and Mr. Vũ Thái Hà, among many other parents.

Currently, there are many attractive and informative publications that can introduce children to the wonderful world of books. For example, the book “”1000 Inventions and Great Discoveries”” features vivid and colorful illustrations and contains valuable and unique information about the evolution of humanity and life on Earth.

One of the new and exciting options for children is the interactive series “”Thiện Lành”” (Kindness), such as “”Phật: Đức Phật ở đâu?”” (Buddha: Where is Buddha?). These stories are written in the form of narratives, with vivid and lively illustrations that help children easily imagine and understand the life of Buddha. The series not only helps children learn about Buddha but also imparts valuable lessons on ethics, compassion, sharing, and determination. These lessons are conveyed in a gentle, easy-to-understand manner, suitable for children’s psychology. A special feature of the “”Đức Phật ở đâu?”” series is the poetic verses and direct interactive games. The meaningful and rhythmic verses, familiar to Vietnamese childhood poems, create an irresistible attraction. The direct interactive games help children learn and play, making it both fun and educational.

The “”Thiện Lành”” series, such as “”Phật: Đức Phật ở đâu?”” is an excellent choice for children aged 6 to 12. The series will provide children with a better understanding of Buddha, Buddhist teachings, and precious moral lessons.

Science has provided irrefutable biological evidence of the benefits of reading books on the development of a child’s nervous system. Scientifically illustrated books like these bring positive effects to the brain and development of children: language development, stimulation of imagination, encouragement to ask more questions about the world, and improvement of survival skills…

Establishing the habit of reading for children should happen naturally and gradually. Sharing from personal experience, Mr. Vũ Thái Hà says, “”Children imitate their parents and relatives as a reflex with innate characteristics. It would be excellent if parents have the habit of reading books because then the role model is already there, and you just need to guide the children a little more. If you want your children to cherish and respect something, we must create a suitable environment. If we want children to read books, then first and foremost, at home, books must be a familiar item, respected when used, and beautifully arranged. Otherwise, all other efforts will be in vain.””…

Choose good and reliable books for your child’s development!

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(Source: Thanh Niên Newspaper)

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