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Promoting Literacy Among Highland Children in Lam Dong

The story of the young children from the tea-growing region of Bao Lam overcoming challenges on their journey to seek knowledge is conveyed through the MV “”Hard Work, Please Share.”” This project was carried out with the young children of Le Loi Primary School and Secondary School, Village 6, Bao Lam District.

It tells of the difficulties faced by the people in the highlands of Bao Lam. Behind the lush green tea hills, favored by Mother Nature for ideal conditions to cultivate tea, lies the life of farmers filled with hardships and obstacles. Many farming households still cannot fully access essential necessities like clean water, and young children face even greater challenges on their journey to pursue education and attend school.

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The joy of the children when receiving new school bags. Photo extracted from MV

Recognizing the importance of developing the future generation, URC Vietnam aims to spread positive values during the implementation of this community project. The goal is to alleviate the hardships in the lives of these young children and ease the worries that hold onto their dreams.

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The difficulties faced by the young children in Bao Lam when going to school. Photo extracted from MV

Specifically, URC Vietnam has initiated a volunteer program to provide clean water to the highlands community and distribute ergonomic, waterproof school bags to the young children to help them on their journey. The hope is to “”make their burden light, carry their sparkling dreams, and give them a new, beautiful school bag.””

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Young children fetching water from the water filtration system at the school. Photo extracted from MV

As part of the “”For the Community of Vietnam”” project, the water filtration systems, applying RO membrane technology from the United States with a capacity of 100 liters per hour, will provide clean water to all students here. Thus, the children can drink directly from the tap, ensuring safety according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Bao Lam District is one of the largest tea material producing areas in Lam Dong province. For over two-thirds of a century, tea trees have remained an integral part of life for Bao Lam farmers. The MV “”Hard Work, Please Share”” was created by URC Vietnam in collaboration with musician Le Hoang Phong, with the aim of alleviating the hardships of the young children and people in the tea-growing region. It also aims to nurture intellectual growth in the students, encouraging them to strive for a better life.

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Young children from Le Loi Primary School and Secondary School. Photo extracted from MV

Through this MV, URC Vietnam affirms its responsibility to the community, aiming to improve the quality of life and contribute to the future generation of Bao Lam District in particular, and Vietnamese children in general.


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