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HCMC Teacher and Students’ Vegetable Garden Initiative for Scholarships

In addition to serving the educational purposes of students, the vegetables from the ""Experience Vegetable Garden"" are also sold to raise funds for scholarships for underprivileged children. Teachers and students at Hiep Tan Primary School (Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City) are implementing the ""Experience Vegetable Garden"" model to serve the teaching and learning needs of students, combined with fundraising by selling vegetables. At the model, teachers will guide students in applying the knowledge they have learned into practice or organizing lessons in the vegetable garden. The vegetable garden is located on the school's rooftop and is divided into...


image 402

Phap Thien Temple, HCMC: Distributing Free Medicines and Gifts to the Visually Impaired

On October 29th, Venerable nun Diệu Thảo, the abbess of Phap Thien Pagoda (District 8, Ho Chi Minh City), collaborated with the District 8 Women's...

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Thien Lanh doc sach

Understanding Dharma for Personal Growth

In the journey of seeking happiness and peace, the Buddhist path is a very important source of illumination. What matters most is understanding how to...

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co phat giao 620x390 2

The Symbolic Beauty of Buddhist Flags

Collection Buddhist flag is an important symbol of Buddhism, widely used in Buddhist ceremonies and activities. The Buddhist flag has five vertical stripes, from top...

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A Colorful Mid-Autumn Celebration at Long Hung Monastery, Ho Chi Minh City

On the evening of September 26, 2023, Long Hung Monastery organized a Mid-Autumn Festival - Moon Festival for over 600 children in Binh Tan District,...

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Enjoying a Warm and Fun-Filled Mid-Autumn Festival at Giac Ngộ Temple, Ho Chi Minh City

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the most eagerly awaited day of the year for Vietnamese children. To bring joy and unforgettable memories to the lotus buds,...

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Củ Chi’s Vibrant Mid-Autumn Lantern Parade at Giac Ngộ Temple

"Come on, my dear, let's go out with lanterns, Star lanterns, fish lanterns, and traditional lanterns..." The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Tet Trung Thu,...

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【JOURNEY WITH SEN SÚN】Exchanging Books for Orphan Smiles

On September 10, 2023, Sach Tot Dep had a special volunteer trip to visit orphaned children and those in difficult circumstances at 4 temples: Dieu...

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Unique Pay-What-You-Want Restaurant in Da Nang

The menu changes daily so that people don't get bored at the Compassionate Rice Restaurant. Each meal consists of 4 - 5 dishes of meat,...

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image 394

Vietnam Buddhist Academy, Ho Chi Minh City – Thanh Tam Temple’s Vu Lan Gift Distribution

Taking commemorative photos at the charity gift-giving event GNO - On the afternoon of August 27th, the Vietnam Buddhist Academy in Ho Chi Minh City,...

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image 392

Van Lien Temple’s Buddhist Followers Extend Vu Lan Gifts to Needy Tenants

Representatives from various organizations distributing gifts at the lodging area in Alley 2733 Pham The Hien, Ward 7 On the occasion of the Vu Lan...

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image 391

Decoding the Significance of Rose Colors during Vu Lan Festival

The ritual of ""Rose on the Shirt"" during the Vu Lan festival has become a deeply humane and traditional cultural feature. It serves as a...

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image 379

Showing Parental Gratitude the Right Way during Vu Lan Festival

Modern life has made many people forget the importance of gratitude and respect for their parents. In Buddhism, Vu Lan Bao Hieu is an important...

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image 370

Released Elephants Experience Freedom in the Forest

TPO - After being converted to eco-tourism, many individual elephants in Dak Lak have had their chains and passenger howdahs removed and have been brought...

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image 367

Heartfelt Wishes for Parents on Vu Lan Day

In addition to filial activities, please send your wishes to your parents on this year's Vu Lan festival to express your gratitude and love. These...

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How to Make the Most of Vu Lan Festival

According to tradition, the Vu Lan Bao Hieu festival takes place on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month every year. To make this...

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Strengthening Family Bonds with ‘Fun with Sen Sún: The Rose on the Shirt’!

On August 19, 2023, at Tuệ Tĩnh Pagoda in Hai Duong City, young members of Buddhist families came together for a meaningful Buddhist activity. The...

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Strengthening Family Bonds with ‘Fun with Sen Sún: The Rose on the Shirt’!

On August 19, 2023, at Tuệ Tĩnh Pagoda in Hai Duong City, young members of Buddhist families came together for a meaningful Buddhist activity. The...

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image 359

Van Lien Temple’s Generous Vu Lan Gifts for the Cham Community

Buddhist devotees offering alms On the morning of August 13th, at Van Hanh Monastery (P. Tam Phu, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City), a...

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image 356

LIFE WITHOUT MOM – A Reflection-Invoking Talkshow on Motherhood

On August 14, 2023, at the Space of Buddhist Culture and Art - Dharma Marshal Am, Dr. Diệu Hiếu and Ms. Thanh Nhã - Chairman...

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image 338

Grateful Female Student Offers Free English Classes

The Idea of Starting a Free Class - Quỳnh's Long-Held Dream In a modest 20-square-meter room in Đông Hợp commune, Đông Hưng district, Thái Bình...

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image 325

Culinary Compassion: Lecturers and Students Cook for Pediatric Cancer Patients

Although we were still a few dozen meters away from Mrs. Lê Tường Vy's house, we could already hear the sizzling sound of boiling oil...

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image 324

Turning Waste into Wealth: A Unique Approach to Alleviate Poverty

Since the establishment of the festival, people have become more conscious of environmental protection and have also raised funds to help poor members facing difficulties....

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image 318

Kien Giang Farmer’s Ingenious Plastic Waste Upcycling

NDO - With creative ideas and skilled hands, a farmer in Kien Giang has recycled plastic twine used for tying bricks into useful items, reducing...

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image 297

Reviving Old Furniture for Remote Area Students

In recent years, volunteers from the """"Circle of Love"""" charity group have built and repaired over 3,000 sets of desks and chairs in 30 remote...

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anh 1 1691508088307589459187

Resourceful 8th Grader Transforms Trash into Decor

Turning Some Waste Materials into Beautiful Decorative Objects, Contributing to Spreading the Message of Environmental Protection The person who transforms waste materials into decorative items...

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image 294

Senior Couple’s Free Vegan Restaurant Venture in Ho Chi Minh City

(Homeland) - Although they are over 70 years old, the elderly couple still wake up early in the morning to prepare charitable meals for those...

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image 293

The Unexpected Admirers of Waste

Upon hearing about a trash cleanup activity at My Dinh Stadium after the Blackpink concert on the evening of July 30th, Nguyen Kim Hung and...

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Nguyễn Thúc Thùy Tiên Champions Environmental Protection Globally

Those beautiful moments back then with ""Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien"" helped Saigon Xanh (Green Saigon) develop and achieve many joyful achievements, spreading to 63 Green...

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Community Health Boost: GIAC NGỘ TEMPLE’s Blood Donation Drive

On August 5th, 437 individuals gathered at Giac Ngoc Temple (District 10) to support a humanitarian blood donation program with the message """"Give a drop...

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Technology and Innovation Aid Children in Sóc Trăng

How can children improve the quality of their education through better access to clean water and sanitation at school. The Impact on Children's Health and...

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Efficiency of the “One Recycle Garbage Collection Vehicle Per Branch” Model in Quảng Nam

The program initiated by the Women's Union of Dien Ban Town has attracted many participants. This has contributed to enhancing environmental protection, creating a green,...

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image 255

Vietnam’s Ambitious Goal: Planting One Billion Trees by 2025

This is hope for a greener future. The Vietnam News Agency reports that some provinces have recently initiated tree planting activities as part of the...

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A Dream Come True: Firefighter Helps 7-Year-Old Leukemia Patient

During the days spent in the hospital, lost in a haze, the sudden words of a 7-year-old son echoed in Chị Loan's ears, """"Mom, can...

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image 250

Blue Uniform Volunteers Spread Love in Trà Mai’s Mountainous Region

In this year's Green Summer campaign, 20 volunteers from the Hand in Hand group (University of Pedagogy - University of Danang) have brought love to...

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image 239

Inside a Complimentary Art Class for Kids in Cổ Đô Artists’ Village

Free Drawing Classes at Co Do Fine Arts Museum in Ba Vi District, Hanoi, Inspire Artistic Passion in Young Generation during the Summer Every summer,...

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image 231

The Influence of Religion on Child Development and Education

Alongside promoting filial piety among children towards their grandparents and parents, religious teachings also emphasize the responsibility of parents in caring for and educating their...

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image 228

Teaching Buddhist Values to Children: The Role of Grandparents and Parents

Many Vietnamese children, when asked, respond that they have heard stories about Buddha and the wise teachings of Buddha from their grandparents or elders. They...

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image 226

Six-Year Journey of a Saigon Girl Saving Accident Victims at Night

Upon receiving news of a serious traffic accident in Thu Duc City, Kim Ngan (29 years old) immediately got into her car and rushed to...

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image 222

Children’s Initiative: “Connecting Bracelets” – Weaving Bonds of Love

Originating from the idea of organizing activities that create a circle of unity and convey the message of """"Connecting Arms"""" to bridge the gap between...

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image 211

Young Blood Donors: The Lifesavers of Tomorrow

For some young people, as long as they meet the conditions, they have no hesitation in donating blood. It's not about setting records for the...

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Expressions of Devotion: Buddhist Followers Support 250 Nuns at Long Hung Monastery

In order to create auspicious conditions for devout male and female Buddhist practitioners to perform offerings with a spirit of upholding the Triple Gem, on...

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image 193

Youth Empowerment: Bringing ‘Green Light’ to A Luoi Highlands

After 4 days of implementation, young people at Hue University have handed over the youth project to light up the roads in the highland district...

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image 190

Dr. Plastic: Transforming Plastic Waste into New Possibilities

Plastic waste pollution is considered one of the major threats to the environment. It is estimated that by 2050, there may be more plastic waste...

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image 185

Mangrove Forests: The Unsung Heroes in Combating Climate Change

When you think about ways to combat the inevitable destruction caused by climate change and rising sea levels, what comes to mind? Perhaps seawalls and...

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Image ExtractWord 4 Out 5098 1690448407

Promoting Literacy Among Highland Children in Lam Dong

The story of the young children from the tea-growing region of Bao Lam overcoming challenges on their journey to seek knowledge is conveyed through the...

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image 172

The Zero-Cost Kitchen: A Vietnamese-Mexican Couple’s Initiative

Every day, Mr. Nicolas Antonio and Mrs. Trần Hoàng Kim in District 12 distribute 200 free lunch boxes in just ten minutes, a job they've...

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image 163

An 18-Year-Old’s Vision: Building a School for Highland Children

With a desire to contribute to the community by supporting the journey of children in remote areas, this young lady established a volunteer project at...

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image 161

Discovering Inner Peace for Ultimate Happiness

Bhikkhu Phan Minh Duc Desiring eternal and perfect happiness, seeking everlasting peace and perfection in various aspects is something that never becomes a reality. We...

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image 160

A Six-Year-Old’s Dream: Reading Over Sleeping

To instill a passion for reading in your child, Mrs. Hoa has shared some secrets for mothers. Little Hina (6 years old) currently lives with...

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image 156

Creating a Tech-Free Childhood through Everyday Activities

Although electronic devices are essential in the era of Industry 4.0, 80s mom still has her own ways to ensure her child has a childhood...

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Small Steps, Huge Difference: JOY FOUNDATION’s Initiative to Green Da Huoai and Da Teh Forests

One tree, one brighter future Recently, thanks to the collaboration of Joy, 17,000 trees have been planted in the Đạ Huoai and Đạ Tẻh Forest...

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Seven Successful Strategies to Foster Reading Habit in Children

Encouraging children to read is a good habit that helps develop their intelligence and creative thinking. However, not every child has the motivation and patience...

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image 154

Van Lien Temple (Q.8): Extending Aid to the Struggling Cham Community

Venerable Thich Le Quang presents gifts to Cham people in Ward 4 GNO - On the afternoon of July 19th, Venerable Thich Le Quang, the...

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image 153

Yale Study Insight: More Books Translate to Longer Life

When you lose your way, books can illuminate your path; when you're tired, books can provide you with motivation; when you're feeling bored, books can...

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Volunteer Perspective: Shaping the Path of Children’s Education

Even though it was their first time handling shovels, their hands and feet swollen, bodies sweating under the scorching sun, the young volunteers didn't rest...

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tin1 2107

Youth-Led Initiatives: Cleaning up Ho Chi Minh City’s Canals

The young members of the Saigon Green group have quietly given """"a fresh look"""" to the canals in Ho Chi Minh City. Cleaning up, unblocking...

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image 150

The Impact of Parental Habits on Child Development

Psychologist Daniel Gorman once said, ""Family life is a child's first school of inspiration for learning."" Parents are considered the child's first ""teachers,"" guiding them...

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image 146

Inspiring Story of an Octogenarian’s Efforts to Aid Those in Need

SKĐS - For the past 23 years, rain or shine, 80-year-old Trần Thị Chích from Tân Sơn town, Ninh Sơn district, Ninh Thuận province, has...

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image 145

Providing Free Swimming Lessons to 130 Underprivileged Children

A total of 130 children from 4 districts (Hai Bà Trưng, Hoàn Kiếm, Tây Hồ, Đống Đa) have been divided into 4 groups to participate...

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image 144

Spreading Happiness Among Children through Small Acts

Xã Phong Bình, Phong Điền District, Thừa Thiên-Huế Province, is a commune classified as a difficult area (according to Decision No. 1049/QD-TTg of the Prime...

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22 copy 15909238470221887768034

Taking Bold Steps for a Brighter Future for Children

The development of childhood (from conception to when a child starts school) lays the foundation for the future cognitive development of children. On the morning...

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image 136

Sun of Hope Foundation: Contributing Over 6.6 Billion VND for Pediatric Care

A total of 196 child patients at hospitals across the country have received financial support ranging from 30 to 100 million VND for treatment in...

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image 135

The Life-Changing Power of Reading: One Book at a Time

01 Reading Books Is a Lifelong Journey There was a young man who greatly admired a famous author. He wrote a letter to express his...

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Exciting Children’s Book Recommendations by Sach Tot Dep at To Am Anh Sang

Image of young friends receiving new, beautiful, and educational books. On the morning of Monday, July 17, 2023, Sách Tốt Đẹp (Good and Beautiful Books)...

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image 134

Finding Solace in Buddhist Prayers: A Boy’s Four-Year Fight against Cancer

Despite suffering from a serious illness since he was just a few months old, the determination and resilience of this young boy are truly admirable.Many...

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image 123

Surviving Cancer: A Journey of Faith and Resilience

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the """"""""""""""""heart of art"""""""""""""""" in New York City. It houses 2 million works of art, historical artifacts from many...

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image 120

Transforming Fabric Scraps into Unique Eco-Friendly Creations

Holding in hand products like handbags, wallets, hats, pillowcases... beautifully crafted, soft, and harmonious in every detail, no one would think that they are recycled...

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image 119

Birth of Zero-Cost Meal Kitchens: A Testament to a Mother’s Love

Sister Linh's Zero-Dong Kitchen for Underprivileged Sick Children: A Parent's Healing Effort Sister Pham Nguyet Linh's kitchen story has touched the hearts of netizens. The...

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Introducing the Art of Meditation to Young Minds

""" Bookshelves are meant to help children start learning how to be mindful from a young age and bring long-lasting positive effects to their mental...

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image 107

Experiencing the Joy of Volunteering at No-Cost Kitchens

" Desire to Share Difficulties with Poor Workers, for over 2 years, the $0 kitchen of Youth Union members, Youth Union P.9 (TP. Vinh Long,...

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Promoting Reading: A Step Towards a Smartphone-Free Summer for Kids

Reading books together with your child is one of the simple, cost-effective choices that brings meaning to their summer. On average, Vietnamese children start using...

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image 102

Unveiling Buddha Statues: National Treasures of Vietnam

Image from Giác Ngộ Newspaper Issue 1207 - Design: Phòng Mỹ Thuật BGN/Tống Viết Diễn GNO - Since 2012, the Vietnamese government has been annually...

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image 100

Nhà Bè District’s Buddhist Management Donates Gifts to Agent Orange Victims

Gifts Presented to Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin in H.Nha Be A figure showing a donation event for the victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin in H.Nha Be.GNO...

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image 99

Innovative Teaching and Learning Approaches in Elementary Schools

Fostering a Reading Culture in Primary Education: The Southern Office of the Vietnam Publishers Association’s RoleThe book catalog compiled by the Southern Office of the...

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image 96

Youth Brigade Cleans Up Polluted Canals and Streams

Young Volunteers Overcome Polluted Waterways in SaigonDespite the thick layers of foul-smelling black water, teeming with everything from styrofoam containers and plastic bags to animal...

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Interactive Books: A Key to Child Development

The Benefits of Interactive Books for Children's DevelopmentAre you aware of the benefits of interactive books for children's development? Recently, interactive books have emerged as...

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image 91

Learning with Blue-Shirt Tutors: A Unique Classroom Experience

Inspiring Classes with Volunteer Tutors in Blue ShirtsIn the bustling classroom at the workers' residence No. 48 in Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City,...

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image 90

The Triad of Fostering a Reading Culture

Enhancing Reading Culture for National Publishing GrowthPromoting community reading culture significantly contributes to the growth of a country's publishing industry.A thriving reading culture relies on...

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image 86

Preserving and Promoting the Mother Tongue

The Dreams of a Child UNICEF Việt Nam\Trương Việt Hùng LÀO CAI – Meet Việt, a fifth-grade Hmong student known for his language skills; he...

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image 83

Mastering the Art of Communicating Effectively with Children

9 Ways to Strengthen Relationships Through Words and Actions UNICEF Việt Nam\ Trương Việt Hùng Every interaction between you and a child is a form...

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image 82

The Importance of Sports Participation: Why Should We Get Involved?

The Right of Every Child to Play and Engage in SportsUNICEF UNICEF Viet Nam\Truong Viet Hung For many people worldwide, sports and play are inseparable...

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image 80

Strategies for Increasing Book Visibility

The Success of a Book Lies in Its Readership: Embracing the Value of Old BooksA successful book is one that reaches many readers. I used...

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image 76

Autistic Boy Authors Book to Aid Fellow Autistic Children

Professor Mike Chan, Diagnosed with Autism at Six, Authors Book and Raises Funds for Autistic Children Professor Mike Chan, who was diagnosed with autism at...

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image 75

The Green Volunteering Initiative: Serving Late-Night Meals to the Underprivileged

Cần Thơ Youth Group's Kind Deeds Warm Hearts of the UnderprivilegedA group of young volunteers in Cần Thơ, known as the 'Green Volunteer Group', has...

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Ho Chi Minh City’s Free Meal Haven for the Less Fortunate

A Compassionate Culinary Haven: The Free Kitchen in Bình Thạnh District, Ho Chi Minh CityFor over two years, a 'Zero-Dong Kitchen' in Bình Thạnh District,...

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image 71

From Struggling Student to Gold Medalist at the European Physics Olympiad

Vietnamese Student's Journey from Struggling to Excelling in Physics Bảo Quân, the proud gold medalist at the European Physics Olympiad 2023 From Challenges to Triumph...

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image 70

Volunteer Chronicles: Crafting Sweet Gifts from Recycled Materials

Transforming Trash into Scholarships and Gifts for Children in NeedVolunteers happily interact with children at a charity homeFrom Discarded Plastic Bottles and Cans to Scholarships...

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image 66

The Rising Trend of Summer Retreats: Managing Thousands of Young Attendees

Managing Thousands of Participants in Summer Buddhist Retreats Meditative walking practice within the Hoằng Linh Temple grounds Effective Management of Large-Scale Summer RetreatsManaging large-scale summer...

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cut vechua2 6322

Exploring Buddhism: A Visit to the Temple

Buddhist Retreats for Children Offer Lifelong Lessons A Buddhist retreat for children, held at the Thiên Khánh Temple, offers more than just a spiritual experience...

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A Unified Effort: Soldiers and Monks Enhancing Environmental Protection

Joint Environmental Efforts by the Military and Buddhist Community in Ba Ria - Vung TauOn June 15th, the Ba Ria - Vung Tau Military Command,...

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Diving Deep: Cleaning Underwater Trash at Cu Lao Cham

Scuba Diving to Clean the Seabed of Cu Lao Cham (Quang Nam): A Story of Real Environmental EffortThe Cu Lao Cham community is known as...

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Experiencing Joy from ‘0 Dong’ Classes

Free Summer Educational Programs: Cultural and Life Skills Classes During the summer, various organizations and units have opened free classes teaching culture and life skills.A...

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Celebrating Senior Nun Chứng Nghiêm: One of the World’s 100 Most Influential Women

Ven. Master Cheng Yen Honored by BBC as One of the Most Inspirational and Influential Women of 2022Recently, Ven. Master Cheng Yen, a prominent leader...

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Unraveling Happiness Secrets in the World’s Happiest Nation

Diệp Bình's Bhutan ExperienceLiving modestly, embracing slowness, breathing deeply, and being honest in thoughts...These are the "keys" to happiness I felt throughout my journey in...

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Buddhist Prenatal Education: Guiding Mothers for Healthier and Smarter Offspring

Buddhist Prenatal Education is founded on three elements: Body, Speech, and Mind. Practicing prenatal education based on Buddhist principles not only ensures the best psychological...

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Nurturing Children’s Growth with Holistic Book Selections

Children's Books as Companions for Holistic Development: Insights from ADC DirectorFor children's books to become a companion that aids in the holistic development of children,...

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Interactive Books: A New Approach to Early Childhood Education

The Importance of Early Childhood Education Through Interactive BooksEarly childhood education, particularly through interactive books, offers children the opportunity for comprehensive development from their earliest...

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Inspiring Reading: The Story of an 8th Grade Student

Passion for Books: Bùi Lưu Bảo Khánh, a Reading Culture Ambassador in Ho Chi Minh CityBùi Lưu Bảo Khánh, an eighth-grader at Nguyễn Văn Trỗi...

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Books Brimming with Love

Books to Every Child" Project: A Remarkable Journey Led by YouthIn less than a year, the "Books to Every Child" project has successfully delivered 13...

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Over 74 “Vinh Nghiem Tung Thu” Bookcases Donated Across Temples and Schools

The "Vĩnh Nghiêm Tùng Thư" Bookcase Project: Spreading Buddhist Knowledge and CultureA Nationwide Initiative to Enhance Cultural Reading and Buddhist EducationFrom April 20, 2023, to...

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Sri Lanka’s Plastic Ban to Safeguard Elephants

Sri Lanka Bans Single-Use Plastics to Protect Wildlife amid Growing Environmental ConcernsEscalating Human-Wildlife Conflict Due to Shrinking HabitatsThe diminishing habitats have led to elephants encroaching...

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Mongolia Commits to Plant a Billion Trees by 2030

Mongolia Launches Ambitious Reforestation Campaign Amid Climate Change ChallengesA National Effort to Combat Desertification and Climate ChangeIn response to the rapidly escalating problem of desertification...

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Art Therapy for the Mind: Doodle and Draw

Embracing Childhood Favorites: Coloring and DrawingFinding Solace in Art During Lonely Days Nguồn: Passion for Pencils trên YouTube | Getty Images Why not revisit a...

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The Importance of Parent-Child Reading Time

Parents: First Influencers in Fostering a Love for Reading in ChildrenPromoting Child LiteracyWriter Nguyễn Thị Kim Hòa, along with fellow authors Thủy Nguyên and Phát...

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Unveiling of the Book Garden at Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Garden of Books" Offers 1,000 Free Books to Families at Saigon ZooA Summer Reading OasisIn a summer initiative, Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens introduced the...

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Opening of the “Peace through Children’s Eyes” Exhibition at Giac Ngoc Pagoda

Peace Through Our Eyes" Art Exhibition Opens at Giac Ngộ TempleCelebrating Buddha's Birthday and International Children's DayOn the afternoon of May 27, 2023 (9th April...

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Promoting Reading Culture Through Community Bookshelves

Free Bookcases and Reading Programs Bring Books to Remote and Challenging Areas, Cultivating a Reading Culture in CommunitiesEfforts to Enhance Community Reading CultureOver the past...

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Vietnamese Work Earns Nomination at Carnegie Awards

Jeet Zdung Wins Illustration Award at the 2023 Carnegie MedalCarnegie Medal 2023 Illustration Prize Goes to Jeet ZdungJeet Zdung has been awarded the illustration prize...

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Closing Event of the Second Filial Piety Retreat

Conclusion of the Second Grateful Ordination Retreat at Giac Ngo TempleOn the evening of June 18, 2023, the second "Grateful Ordination Retreat" at Giac Ngo...

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Inaugural Ceremony of the Second Filial Piety Retreat

Second Monastic Retreat for Children and Adolescents at Giac Ngo TempleOn the morning of June 15, 2023, following the success of the first monastic retreat...

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Identifying Gautama Buddha: A Guide

Siddhartha Gautama: The Founder of BuddhismSiddhartha Gautama, known as the Buddha, is revered as the founder of Buddhism. Statues of him are present in temples...

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Joyful Childhood Memories from “Fun with Sen Sún” Book Series Launch

On the afternoon of May 20, 2023, during the "Compassionate Lotus Bud" retreat at Giác Ngộ Temple in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, an...

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Good Books Bookstore’s Donation of 10,000 “Fun with Sen Sún: Buddha’s Birthday” Interactive Books

We are excited to contribute to the spiritual and moral education of young children during their formative and developmental years. The Tốt Đẹp bookstore is...

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Raising Children the Buddha Way: Five Rules for Nurturing Amazing Kids

Before and after becoming the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama was always a father, with his own set of principles for raising his son.Today, a concern for...

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image 21

Inmate-Turned-Buddhist Pens Book for Kids

Albert Ramos, author of a children's book, discovered and practiced Buddhist teachings while in prison. He practiced meditation, kept a journal, and recorded daily things...

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image 15

Childhood Joy at the Meditation Gate

Simple, peaceful, meditative, and serene - these are the feelings anyone will discover, even just by looking at photos of children playing and learning at...

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image 10

Buddhist Film Festival Debuts in Barcelona, Catalonia

The first ever Catalonia Buddhist Film Festival (FCBC) will be held in Barcelona this coming October. This marks the first large-scale event centered on Buddhist...

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image 6

Engaging Young Monks: Hopes and Concerns

The Sen Vàng kindergarten, founded by Nun Thích nữ Như Nguyệt, the Head of Preschool Education at the Buddhist Academy of Vietnam in Ho Chi...

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image 5

Child Development: Insights from a Mother, Buddhism, and Psychology

Mothers Teach Us the Initial Connection to LifeMothers are our first teachers about the fundamental connection to life, an irreplaceable method...Fascinating Story about Mothers from...

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Broaden Your Horizons with Books

Opening Perspectives Through BooksFueled by a deep love for books and a fervent desire to spread knowledge, especially to children, 22-year-old Thai Hai Dang from...

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Youth Planting Trees for Green Living in Mountain Town

The young people of Pleiku city in Gia Lai have been transforming the landscape by planting thousands of trees in barren hills and empty lands....

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Software by Young Man with Cerebral Palsy ‘Voicing’ for the Disabled

An information technology student with cerebral palsy and spasticity, along with a group of young researchers, is developing software that uses artificial intelligence to transform...

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Bringing Joy to Cancer Patients with Real Hair Donations

No longer possessing her long hair due to repeated chemotherapy treatments, Mrs. Vũ Thị Thanh sadly shares, "Every time I go out, people look at...

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Transforming Trash into Beauty

From discarded plastic bags, glass, and plastic bottles, a young man from Phu Quoc has meticulously transformed them into stunning works of art. The artwork...

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Environmental Awareness Through Art: Manhole Cover Paintings

From old, neglected manhole covers, the hands of a group of students have transformed them into fascinating, colorful paintings that spread environmental awareness among the...

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Young Bibliophiles Collecting Rare Books at Premium Prices

Young Adults Passionately Seek Out Rare, Expensive BooksThese special books, printed on high-quality paper with intricately designed covers, are produced in extremely limited quantities and...

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Preserving Forests for Sustainable Livelihoods

Preserving Mangrove Forests Creates Multiple LivelihoodsMangrove forests here are well-preserved and newly planted, attracting abundant fish and shrimp. Beyond offering clean seafood at good prices,...

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Heroes of Education: Teachers in Remote Areas

Dedicated Teachers in Remote Areas Devote Their Youth to Educating Highland ChildrenDespite the challenging journey, teachers in remote regions have selflessly devoted their youth to...

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The Heartwarming ‘Loving Bread’ Stand at the Hospital

The Love-Filled Pastry Cabinet" in the Hospital Hallway Brings Comfort to PatientsRecently, after a challenging radiation therapy session, 57-year-old Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Liên, a cancer...

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The Ride-Sharing Hero Who Made Headlines for Blood and Platelet Donations

The Inspiring Story of a Ride-Hailing Driver Who Has Donated Blood Over 100 TimesNguyễn Văn Thanh, a 26-year-old ride-hailing driver from Mê Linh, Hà Nội,...

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Bedtime Reading and Its Role in Child Development

Creating a bedtime reading habit can strengthen the bond between parents and children, and also foster numerous beneficial skills for your child's future.Teaching Patience to...

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Impact of Engaged Buddhism on Taiwan’s Educational System: A Look at Monastery Book-Reading Activities

Balancing Economic Growth with Cultural and Ethical Values: The Taiwanese Approach through Buddhist PhilosophyTaiwan has successfully balanced economic growth with cultural and ethical development, integrating...

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Reading Culture: Beyond Just Providing Books to Kids

Innovative Approaches to Foster Reading Culture Among Vietnamese ChildrenObserving how a non-profit foundation formed by Japanese and Vietnamese friends has fostered a reading culture among...

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Nurturing a Reading Culture in the Digital Age

Addressing the Reading Culture of Young People in the Digital Era On November 11, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism organized a...

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Six Secrets to Cultivate Reading Interest in Kids

Encouraging Children to Develop a Reading HabitFrom a young age, it's crucial to cultivate a reading habit in children. This practice not only enriches their...

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The Relevance of Buddhism for Contemporary Youth

Buddhism's Positive Impact on Today's YouthBuddhism is one of the religions significantly contributing to the progress and peaceful life of today's youth. One of its...

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Vietnamese Celebrities Embrace Vegetarianism for Inner Peace

Vietnamese Celebrities Embrace Vegetarianism for Peace and TranquilityMC Dai Nghia, Ngo Thanh Van, Ho Quynh Huong, Viet Trinh, and Angela Phuong Trinh, along with runner-up...

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Handy Ways to Engage in Mindfulness

Mindfulness Beyond Meditation To balance our hectic lives, meditation isn't the only path to mindfulness.In our busy lives, we're often surrounded by thoughts and anxieties...

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Your Child and the Practice of Mindfulness

MindfulnessEvidence increasingly shows that when children practice mindfulness, it benefits their learning, critical thinking, decision-making skills, and self-confidence. Children and teenagers who practice mindfulness are...

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Relaxation through the Art of Coloring

In our daily lives, we face various pressures that significantly impact our physical and mental well-being. This is often felt when we try to rest...

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Coloring as Meditation: 12 Benefits for Kids

Most children enjoy creating with pencils, crayons, and coloring books. This activity allows them to freely express their creativity. But did you know there are...

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Fostering a Reading Culture in the Tech-Savvy Generation

Books provide knowledge, understanding, and a comprehensive view of life, helping ""humans live more humanely"" (Karl Marx). Therefore, reading books is an essential need in...

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Developing a reading culture within families is crucial. Reading enhances knowledge, improves skills, and strengthens emotional bonds among family members. However, many parents currently don't...

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Bridging the Gap Between Books and the Young Generation

Toward the end of each year, numerous book fairs and clearance events by various publishers take place, aiming to foster a reading culture among the...

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The Free Book Haven in Saigon

Location of the bookstore: 21 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 19, Binh Thanh District, opposite Dai Khanh restaurant, open from 3 PM to 10 PM."I'm not...

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Fostering Effective Reading Habits in Young Minds

For children, especially at the preschool age, reading plays a vital role in developing language, emotions, and essential social skills.Preschoolers and the Specific Benefits of...

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The Positive Influence of Buddhism on Youth

In my twenties, reading Thich Nhat Hanh's ""The Ideal Love of Youth"" and ""Talking to the Age of 20"" was deeply moving. Although I couldn't...

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The Value of Buddhism for the Young Minds

How to Teach Buddhism to Children? Buddha's teachings fundamentally instruct us to avoid causing harm and to help others as much as possible. These are...

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Child Education from a Buddhist Viewpoint

INTRODUCTION Buddhism is a path of personal experience and realization. Our Lord Buddha attained enlightenment with teachings on dependent origination and non-self. Throughout his time...

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Unveiling the “Ethical Tales” Comic Book Series for Juvenile Readers

"First Learn Manners, Then Learn Knowledge": Cultivating Moral Values in Childhood A person's character is shaped from childhood through the nurturing of moral values. However,...

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Inculcating Buddhist Values in Child Education

Buddhist Education for Children: Simplifying Complex Teachings for Young Minds In the vast collection of Buddha's teachings, only a handful – three or four sutras,...

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Introduction to Buddhism for Children

Nurturing Children's Minds with Buddhist Stories: A Blend of Traditional and Modern Parenting Parents universally wish for their children to grow up healthy, intelligent, emotional,...

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Effective Techniques for Teaching Buddhism to Kids

In this article, I can only offer a brief outline of Buddhist Education. Each section here warrants its own detailed discussion. I hope to have...

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Mindfulness through Buddhist Reading for Young Adults

Young People Embracing Buddhism for a More Compassionate View of LifeContrasting with the noisy pleasures of life, many young people are turning to Buddhist books...

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