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Mindfulness through Buddhist Reading for Young Adults

Young People Embracing Buddhism for a More Compassionate View of Life

Contrasting with the noisy pleasures of life, many young people are turning to Buddhist books to gain a more tolerant perspective on life.

It’s a common misconception that only older individuals are drawn to Buddhist texts and the teachings of karma. Typically, they are seen as experienced individuals seeking wisdom to guide the younger generations. However, nowadays, more youths are exploring the values of “meditation” to understand and engage in benevolent actions.

Engrossed in Buddhist Teachings

At the Quán Sứ Temple library in Hanoi, numerous visitors, including young people, come daily to read various books, from Buddhist teachings on good deeds to Buddhist scriptures. Many express that spending time with these books weekly brings them tranquility and fosters kindness.

Young People Reading Buddhist Books to Live Altruistically

Visiting temples for book reading is not just about enjoying the serene atmosphere but also understanding the lifestyle of monks and nuns. Beyond the bustling world outside, there are people who choose a quiet life, following Buddhist beliefs to serve in their unique way.

Buddhist Reading for a Meaningful Life

Many youths describe reading about Buddhism as a form of meditation, providing meaningful life guidance. This is an encouraging trend among the young, seeking wisdom and moral teachings through these texts.

In books like “Kinh di lạc độ thế,” young readers learn to avoid wrongdoing, as Buddhist teachings suggest that our actions in this life impact our future existence. Even for those skeptical of reincarnation, the philosophy is sound, as doing good deeds brings immediate happiness and peace.

Phạm Minh Châu, a high school student, mentions that reading Buddhist books helps ease her academic stress. Lan Anh, a bookstore owner, observes a growing trend among youths seeking Buddhist literature, which she believes is a positive shift towards embracing goodness and beauty.

Venerable Thích Thanh Tuấn of Quán Sứ Temple notes the increasing number of young people visiting the temple’s library to read about Buddhism. These young individuals, with their mature thinking and lifestyle, are always welcomed by Buddhism to find greater meaning in life through meditation.

(Source: Người đưa tin newspaper)

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