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Joyful Childhood Memories from “Fun with Sen Sún” Book Series Launch

On the afternoon of May 20, 2023, during the “Compassionate Lotus Bud” retreat at Giác Ngộ Temple in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, an engaging and lively meet-and-greet event was held. This event introduced parents and young attendees to the book series “Vui cùng Sen Sún” (Happy with Sen Sún), offering captivating and beneficial content to guide children towards Buddhist teachings.

The event featured Venerable Thích Nhật Từ, a permanent member of the Executive Council and Abbot of Giác Ngộ Temple; esteemed members of the Modern Buddhist Foundation; numerous parents; and over 300 young participants of the retreat.

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Before discussing their new work, authors Thanh Hà and Thiện Cường captivated the audience, consisting of parents and Buddhists, with intriguing stories and thought-provoking questions. They described their creation, “Happy with Sen Sún”, as Vietnam’s first interactive Buddhist book series for children, produced under the Vietnam Tốt Đẹp project. With 12 volumes set to be published, the series promises endless joy and serves as a valuable resource for youth to connect more closely with Buddhism. The authors’ humor and teamwork won over the audience at Giác Ngộ Temple, creating a joyful and educational atmosphere.

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Parents and their children enjoyed a creative and learning-filled atmosphere, embracing Buddhist values through entertaining questions. The hall was filled with bright eyes, eager enthusiasm, and a profound belief in life’s positivity.

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Everyone agreed that the “Happy with Sen Sún” series would inspire and be a valuable resource for children, making their approach to Buddhism enjoyable and interesting. This aligns with the authors’ goals for starting this project.

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Concluding the session, Venerable Thích Nhật Từ advised parents to spend more time with their children, not only in attending retreats but also in nurturing character and limiting exposure to mass media. This way, we can foster the growth of youth and adolescents with wholesome values.

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We extend our heartfelt thanks to Venerable Thích Nhật Từ, the Modern Buddhist Foundation, the Buddhist community of Giác Ngộ Temple, the Compassionate Lotus Bud retreat service team, the media team, parents, children, and the authors for creating an event full of laughter, joy, and knowledge. Let’s continue to spread these positive values and brighten the world each day.

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Report and photos by: Vietnam Tốt Đẹp, Minh Đức

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