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Introducing the Art of Meditation to Young Minds


Bookshelves are meant to help children start learning how to be mindful from a young age and bring long-lasting positive effects to their mental health.

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Illustration: Sukjai Photo.

Children are often energetic and find it difficult to sit still for a long time. However, with simple guidance, emphasizing a gentle and relaxing feeling during meditation, books like “”””Sit with Me, My Friend”””” and “”””Meditation Train”””” in the bookshelf “”””Helping Children Get Acquainted with Meditation”””” can help children learn patience, encourage them to explore meditation at their own pace.

Guide Children in Simple Meditation

“”””Sit with Me, My Friend”””” is a work that guides children through the first 7 basic steps of meditation practice. From sitting posture, breathing, focus, doing it right, to contemplating and moving on… With easy-to-understand, genuine, and friendly writing style, this book is not only for children but also for adults who can start meditating following these instructions.


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