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Interactive Books: A New Approach to Early Childhood Education

The Importance of Early Childhood Education Through Interactive Books

Early childhood education, particularly through interactive books, offers children the opportunity for comprehensive development from their earliest years.

The concept of early childhood education is well-established. Alongside popular methods like Glenn Doman, Montessori, and Shichida, reading, especially interactive books, is highly encouraged by researchers.

Understanding Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education (ECE) focuses on educating children from birth to around six or eight years old. It is a fundamental right for children worldwide. UNESCO defines it as “the time from birth to eight years old, a period of tremendous brain development influenced significantly by their environment and people around them.”

Early education is not just preparation for kindergarten but the foundation for a child’s development – socially, emotionally, critically, and physically, setting the groundwork for lifelong learning.

image 43
Early education is essential for holistic development in intellect, behavior, emotions, and spirit. Photo: Chapman Chapters.

In the first six years of life, children have an exceptional ability to absorb knowledge and a remarkable memory. However, early education is not about forcing children to engage in rigorous learning from a young age.

Early education encompasses not just intellectual education but also behavioral, emotional, and spiritual development. Teaching children about the human body to avoid smokers, to chew food thoroughly, and about nature to foster a love for green spaces and animals are all part of this holistic approach.

Interactive Books as a Tool for Early Education

Interactive books are a globally favored method for early education. These books are designed to engage children in reading and playing through physical interactions within the pages.

Beyond visual reading, children can explore and learn about everyday objects and activities through tactile engagement with the book. With easy-to-understand content, visual associations, and physical interactions, interactive books serve as both educational and playful companions for children.

Effective Early Education Interactive Books

Lift the Flap – Discover and Explore: This Vietnamese interactive book series for children under six is designed with numerous flaps for exploration, encouraging curiosity and tactile learning.

image 44

Multi-Language Smart Movement Books in English – Vietnamese – French (Kididoc): First published in France, this series quickly became a bestseller in 22 countries for children aged 0-6, featuring simple content and creative slide mechanisms that vividly depict everyday scenes.
Encyclopedia of Life Skills with Interactive Elements: This series helps children learn about safety and social etiquette through engaging stories and interactive elements.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: A classic children’s book with unique cut-outs and holes, narrating the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly, teaching counting, days of the week, and nature in a bilingual format.

image 45

Board Book for Multi-Interactive Education: Suitable for 0-3-year-olds, this series helps children discover nature through engaging 3D and multidirectional movements, with poetic and rhyming text for easy reading and memorization.
(Source: zingnews)

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