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Inside a Complimentary Art Class for Kids in Cổ Đô Artists’ Village

Free Drawing Classes at Co Do Fine Arts Museum in Ba Vi District, Hanoi, Inspire Artistic Passion in Young Generation during the Summer

Every summer, the Co Do Fine Arts Museum in Ba Vi District, Hanoi, organizes free drawing classes for children in the local area and nearby villages. These drawing classes have become a wholesome and enriching activity for children during the summer, igniting a passion for art in the younger generation.

image 232
Enthusiastic children enjoying their time drawing.
image 233

Artists from the Co Do Fine Arts Club guide the children in understanding color, color combinations, using drawing techniques, and various materials for painting.

image 234
image 236
image 235
An artwork by young artist from Co Do.

Many themes such as dreams, still life, drawing to music, portraits, landscapes, environment, family themes, homeland landscapes, labor, festivals, culture, and sports are enthusiastically expressed by the children on their canvases.

image 237
Achievements after the free drawing course for children at Co Do during the summer of 2023.

Artist Hoang Tuan Viet, a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association and Chairman of the Co Do Fine Arts Club, introduced the children to the paintings displayed at the Co Do Fine Arts Museum. He also awarded certificates of excellence to outstanding students who completed the course.

image 240
image 238

Over 50 children were selected to participate in the free drawing classes at Co Do Fine Arts Museum this summer.

The free drawing classes continue the artistic tradition of Co Do artists, nurturing and cultivating the seeds of artistry for the homeland and the nation.

image 239

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