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Heroes of Education: Teachers in Remote Areas

Dedicated Teachers in Remote Areas Devote Their Youth to Educating Highland Children

Despite the challenging journey, teachers in remote regions have selflessly devoted their youth to educating children in highland areas, contributing significantly to the noble cause of shaping young minds.

Chuyện những người thầy dành cả thanh xuân gieo chữ nơi biên viễn - Ảnh 1.

On physical education days, teacher Sùng A Trừ also takes on the task of teaching literacy to the Hmong children of Chế Tạo – Photo: HÀ THANH

In the Midst of Rugged Mountains, Teachers Commit to Education

Surrounded by forested mountains and steep paths, the children of these areas, with their small statures and sun-burnt skin, face an uphill struggle to education. “Aware of these hardships, not just I, but all my colleagues are prepared to make sacrifices to educate the children in these highland regions,” says teacher Sùng A Trừ.

The Son of the Hmong Ethnic Group Returns to Teach in His Village

About 35 kilometers from the center of Mù Cang Chải town, over treacherous mountain roads, lies the main school of Chế Tạo. This remote area of Yên Bái province, home to 530 Hmong students, is often referred to as “the edge of the sky.”

Being Hmong himself, teacher Trừ intimately understands the difficulties his students face getting to school. He tirelessly traverses mountains and forests to bring children from deep in the villages to school, fostering their education.

“When I entered the education sector, I vowed to improve the lives of our children. I’m committed to making their school experience as memorable as possible, to foster a love for learning. I dedicate my youth to this educational cause,” affirms teacher Trừ.

After graduating from Hanoi University of Education, he chose to return to his hometown. For 12 years, he has tirelessly worked to bring education to the children of Mù Cang Chải.

A physical education teacher by trade, he also teaches literacy to children. After school, he spends his evenings preparing lessons and helping students learn Vietnamese.

Chuyện những người thầy dành cả thanh xuân gieo chữ nơi biên viễn - Ảnh 3.

The biggest challenge for teacher Trừ is teaching young students who are not yet fluent in the national language, requiring patience and instruction in their local tongue.

15 Years Teaching Hmong Children

“I felt lost initially because I didn’t know the local language,” recalls Đỗ Thị Loan, 38, deputy principal of Kim Nọi Kindergarten in Mù Cang Chải, reflecting on her early days of volunteering in the highlands.

At 22, with a meager salary of 400,000 VND a month, she faced apprehensions. The difficult roads and transport issues were a hurdle, but the biggest challenge was the language barrier. As an ethnic Kinh, she didn’t speak Hmong and had to learn from colleagues and parents to better understand her students..

Chuyện những người thầy dành cả thanh xuân gieo chữ nơi biên viễn - Ảnh 4.

“It took me over a year to grasp everyday communication and the children’s needs in the local language,” Loan shares.

Over the past 15 years, teacher Loan has gone beyond teaching literacy. She constantly thinks about initiatives to strengthen Vietnamese language skills among highland children and preserve the Hmong ethnic culture.

In her bilingual teaching approach (Vietnamese – Hmong), she decorates the classroom with ethnic attire images, organizes cultural dance activities, and sets up a “local corner” to simulate a highland market in the schoolyard, helping children stay connected to their cultural roots.

Chuyện những người thầy dành cả thanh xuân gieo chữ nơi biên viễn - Ảnh 5.

Teacher Sùng A Trừ and Đỗ Thị Loan are among 68 teachers honored in the “Sharing with Teachers” program in 2022.

The event, organized by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Youth Federation and the Ministry of Education and Training, commemorates the 40th anniversary of Vietnam Teachers’ Day on November 20th.

(Source: Tuổi Trẻ Newspaper)

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