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Grateful Female Student Offers Free English Classes

The Idea of Starting a Free Class – Quỳnh’s Long-Held Dream

In a modest 20-square-meter room in Đông Hợp commune, Đông Hưng district, Thái Bình province, nearly 20 third-grade students listen attentively to the pronunciation of vocabulary words in their lesson.

Standing at the “”””lectern,”””” Nguyễn Thúy Quỳnh (a former student of Thái Bình High School for the Gifted) reads each word slowly while analyzing common mistakes students tend to make.

One by one, students stand up to pronounce the words. For those who mispronounce, the young teacher gently offers humorous suggestions. As a result, the class always takes place in a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere.

image 338
The zero-cost class by the student group in Thái Bình (Photo: NVCC)

Thúy Quỳnh recently completed her high school graduation exams this year. In mid-June, Quỳnh was admitted early into the English department of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. Not wanting to waste her time after the exams, Quỳnh invited her high school friends to start a free English class.

This idea was unanimously supported by the group of seven. In just under three days, the plan was outlined and completed by the group.

Initially, Quỳnh’s group planned to organize only one class for third-grade students. However, after a few hours of posting the announcement on Facebook, the group had to hastily close registration because the number of students exceeded expectations.

“”””Many parents expressed the desire for us to open additional classes for fourth and fifth-grade students. After careful consideration, the group decided to teach these two grade levels as well.””””

Each week, Quỳnh’s group conducts six afternoon sessions, with two classes per session. To ensure quality, each class accommodates a maximum of 20 students. Before finalizing the list, the entire group seeks confirmation of the students’ and parents’ desire to participate.

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Thúy Quỳnh shared that she started nurturing the idea of opening a free class since her middle school days. During her time in school, she received kindness from many people.

Her father passed away early, leaving her mother to raise three siblings on her own. To be able to attend school, Quỳnh received support from her teachers.

“Teachers not only provided material but also spiritual support, allowing me to continue my education without worrying about tuition fees. It was thanks to them that I developed a love for the English language,” she shared.

Since those days, Quỳnh has always nurtured the desire to “”””give back.””””

“Students in the countryside often have a fear of English, so I want to spread love for this subject, to show them that it is a beautiful language,” she said.

Despite being a free class, Quỳnh’s group has set strict rules, including regular tests and homework. If a student fails to complete homework more than three times, they are not allowed to continue attending the class.

According to Quỳnh, the group’s goal is not only to impart knowledge but also to instill a sense of responsibility in students towards their own learning.

To ensure that every student can fully access the knowledge, each class typically has 2-3 teaching assistants to support students who are struggling or don’t understand the lesson. Additionally, each class has a shared parent group to support, answer questions, and update parents on their children’s progress after each session.

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Although Quỳnh has three years of experience as a tutor during high school, running a class is not simple. The initial teaching hours with Quỳnh and the other six members were filled with unfamiliar emotions.

“In addition to English proficiency, the whole group had to develop teaching skills, design lessons that are logical, approachable, and comprehensive. We don’t see ourselves as knowledge imparting figures but as companions, guiding, and supporting students to progress every day,” shared Vũ Viết Lương Sơn, one of the group members.

Furthermore, the issue of teaching locations was also a challenge. Since there were no available tables and chairs, the group had to visit each house and borrow tables and chairs. The classrooms were borrowed from relatives to accommodate all the students.

Despite the deficiencies in both physical facilities and teaching experience, Sơn believes that with dedication, enthusiasm, and a special love for the English language, the group has gained the trust of parents and students.

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Lương Sơn teaching students

Nguyễn Thị Thùy, a parent of a third-grade student, shared that her child was initially very afraid of English and rarely spoke up in class.

“Participating in this class, my child feels energized, and is not afraid to ask questions about things that used to be unclear. After each class, my child is enthusiastic and looks forward to each lesson with the older students,” she said.

Receiving positive feedback from parents, Thúy Quỳnh believes that this is an encouragement for the whole group to continue their journey.

“We are just ordinary students with a passion for English. We are not necessarily the best, nor do we have much teaching experience, but we believe that giving is receiving. A small unit of knowledge shared with those who do not know is a way to spread knowledge and help students progress every day,” Quỳnh said.


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