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Good Books Bookstore’s Donation of 10,000 “Fun with Sen Sún: Buddha’s Birthday” Interactive Books

We are excited to contribute to the spiritual and moral education of young children during their formative and developmental years. The Tốt Đẹp bookstore is proud to introduce “Vui cùng Sen Sún: Ngày Phật ra đời” (Happy with Sen Sún: The Day Buddha Was Born). This is the first interactive Buddhist-themed book in Vietnam specifically designed for preschoolers and children aged 4-12, edited by Vietnam Tốt Đẹp with guidance from Venerable Dr. Thích Nhật Từ.

The publication “Happy with Sen Sún: The Day Buddha Was Born” offers a rich, innovative content. It includes the story of Buddha’s extraordinary life, the significance of Buddha’s birthday, also known as Buddha’s Day, cultural aspects of Buddha’s Day in Vietnam and around the world, and the meaning of the Buddha Bathing Ceremony. The story is accompanied throughout by the adorable duo Sen Sún and Tí Nù, who will guide the children through the content and ideas of the Buddha’s Day. The book features 25 interactive games, coloring pages, puzzles, and over 100 unique stickers. This small book will bring joy and enthusiasm to children as they explore Buddhism.


With a hope to nurture the souls and minds of future generations, especially young children in Buddhist families, we are honored to produce this bookshelf – a special gift for young children. We believe it will help them grow and mature with the wholesome seeds of Buddhist virtues nurtured within them.

As the Buddha’s birthday season approaches, and all auspicious conditions are met, the printing of this work has been completed. Tốt Đẹp respectfully donates 10,000 copies of the book to Giác Ngộ Temple – Modern Buddhist Foundation for distribution throughout the country. We cordially invite parents and children to share and promote this book, especially among Buddhist families. Through this, we aim to enhance everyone’s understanding of the great festival of Buddha’s Day and learn more about the life of the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama.

The book can be obtained for free at:

Office of the Modern Buddhist Foundation – ground floor of Giác Ngộ Temple, 92 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Ward 2, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City.
Quan Âm Đông Hải Temple – Sóc Trăng
Giác Ngộ Temple – Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu
Tượng Sơn Temple – Hà Tĩnh
Giác Ngộ Temple – Củ Chi
Or order online at

For purchase inquiries, please visit

Nam-mô Hoan Hỷ Tạng Bồ-tát Ma-ha-tát!

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