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Expressions of Devotion: Buddhist Followers Support 250 Nuns at Long Hung Monastery

In order to create auspicious conditions for devout male and female Buddhist practitioners to perform offerings with a spirit of upholding the Triple Gem, on the morning of July 30, 2023, with deep reverence for the Three Jewels, the Buddhist followers of Tu Tam Monastery held a ceremony to respectfully offer alms to 250 Venerable Monks at Long Hung Monastery.

The ceremony was attended by esteemed senior Monks and Abbesses who are the spiritual leaders of various monasteries, including Venerable Diệu Hiếu, the Abbot of Long Hung Monastery, along with the entire community of Venerable Monks and virtuous male and female Buddhist practitioners from near and far.

At 7:30 in the morning, the Venerable Monks proceeded with great solemnity, step by step, in meditation, reenacting the image of the Sangha during the Buddha’s time, going for alms to receive offerings from the Buddhist followers. With the aspiration to sow the fields of merit and cultivate wholesome connections with the Dharma, in accordance with the teachings of the Buddha, the Buddhist followers of Tu Tam Monastery practiced the Dharma, offering profound respect to the Monastic Sangha, seeking blessings, and practicing renunciation of worldly desires.

During the ceremony, the Venerable Monks offered incense, recited the Great Compassion Dharani, and circumambulated the main hall, with solemnity and the purpose of orienting the merit toward the early completion of the main hall construction.

Following the eloquent words of the representative of Buddhist practitioners, Ngộ Nguyên Phúc, the distant Buddhist followers returned to Long Hung Monastery to participate in the almsgiving ceremony, expressing their commitment to upholding the Triple Gem, one of the two responsibilities taught by the Buddha to his lay disciples.

This is the first time that Long Hung Monastery has organized the Almsgiving Ceremony during the Rain Retreat in the Buddhist calendar year 2567 – 2023.

The ceremony concluded with boundless joy in the hearts of the fourfold assembly of the Buddha’s disciples.

Here are some images from the ceremony:

image 194
image 200
image 203
image 204
image 205
image 206
image 207
image 208
image 209
image 210

(Courtesy of Long Hung Monastery)

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