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Bringing Joy to Cancer Patients with Real Hair Donations

No longer possessing her long hair due to repeated chemotherapy treatments, Mrs. Vũ Thị Thanh sadly shares, “Every time I go out, people look at me as if I’m an ‘alien’. No matter how hot the weather, I have to wear a hat to cover my head.”

Được tặng tóc thật, nhiều bệnh nhân ung thư mừng rơn khi đi ra đường - Ảnh 1.

Cancer patients receive donated hair – Photo: DƯƠNG LIỄU

On the afternoon of September 15, Mrs. Thanh, along with many other cancer patients at K Hospital (Tan Trieu branch, Hanoi), received donated natural hair as part of the “Hair for Cancer Patients” program.

This initiative, a collaboration between K Hospital and various organizations, calls on women to share their hair for making wigs, which are then given to cancer patients undergoing treatment.

Holding her newly received wig, Mrs. Thanh (a breast cancer patient from Tuyen Quang province) emotionally expresses, “Since starting radiation therapy, my hair gradually fell out until none was left. Going out was difficult as people stared at me like I was ‘an alien’, and I had to wear a hat all the time. Today, I am genuinely happy and moved to receive this hair. I am grateful to everyone who shared their hair with cancer patients like us.”

Được tặng tóc thật, nhiều bệnh nhân ung thư mừng rơn khi đi ra đường - Ảnh 2.

Another patient benefiting from the program, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Quyen (60 years old, from Quang Ninh province), smiles, “Now I can go out with confidence. A wig isn’t cheap, and even though we desperately need it, we couldn’t afford one. I hope such meaningful programs will continue.”

Former breast cancer patient, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hien (47 years old, from Thanh Hoa province), understands the emotions of women who have lost their hair. “I came from Thanh Hoa, starting early in the morning. I was very anxious on my way here. I hope my hair becomes a gift for other women fighting cancer, giving them confidence and optimism. It’s to boost their strength to fight the disease,” says Mrs. Hien.

14-year-old Nguyen Bao Ngoc from Hanoi has donated her hair for the second time to cancer patients. “Four years ago, I donated my hair, and now that it’s grown back, I’m cutting it again to give to the women battling cancer,” Bao Ngoc says.

The donated hair strands symbolize the community’s love and support for cancer patients. “We hope that these wigs will become gifts that give patients more motivation to fight their illness. At least, they will be beautiful warriors with their long hair,” shares a hair donor at the program.

Được tặng tóc thật, nhiều bệnh nhân ung thư mừng rơn khi đi ra đường - Ảnh 3.

These wigs will be gifts for women undergoing cancer treatment, helping them to feel more confident and optimistic – Photo: DƯƠNG LIỄU

Those who wish to donate hair for cancer patients (either already cut or planning to cut) can send it to: Social Work Department, K Hospital Tan Trieu branch; Address: 30 Cau Buou, Tan Trieu, Thanh Tri, Hanoi. Phone: 0869379711.
(Source: Tuổi Trẻ)

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