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Books Brimming with Love

Books to Every Child” Project: A Remarkable Journey Led by Youth
In less than a year, the “Books to Every Child” project has successfully delivered 13 bookcases to children in various provinces across the country. Impressively, this project is driven by young people in their 20s.

Thái Hải Đăng, chủ nhiệm dự án "Sách đến tay em" gây ấn tượng với chiếc xe đạp đi xin sách cho các bạn nhỏ - Ảnh: H.T.
Thái Hải Đăng, head of the “Books to Every Child” project, impresses with his bicycle journey to collect books for children – Photo: H.T.

The bookcases have reached locations including Lào Cai, Bắc Giang, Nam Định, Hòa Bình, Hanoi, and Vĩnh Long. Thái Hải Đăng, a 22-year-old student from the Academy of Journalism and Communication and the project leader, shares, “This isn’t just about charity. It’s a small story of a 20-year-old guy and his friends writing our own dream.”

Planting Seeds of Reading

Những chuyến hành trình đong đầy yêu thương mang sách đến với các bạn nhỏ - Ảnh do nhân vật cung cấp
Những chuyến hành trình đong đầy yêu thương mang sách đến với các bạn nhỏ – Ảnh do nhân vật cung cấp

Hải Đăng recalls that his idea for the project stemmed from a school friend who loved reading. This friend sparked his interest in the magical world of books. This passion continued to grow, thanks in part to his teachers who were deeply committed to book donation projects for their students. This commitment inspired Đăng to establish a book club at his school. Upon moving to Hanoi for higher education, Đăng recognized an opportunity to realize his dream of a reading culture.

He joined the Thái Hà Love Garden under the Thái Hà Book Lovers Club. After a year, he became the club’s president and soon launched the “Books to Every Child” project. “How can we further develop a reading culture by donating books to reading spaces, schools, and cultural centers, especially in areas with limited access to reading culture?” Đăng ponders the project’s goals.

Each book donation trip involves team members engaging in activities and play with the students, creating excitement and drawing children closer to books. Đăng emphasizes the care for these bookcases to ensure their long-term operation, going beyond just a one-time donation.

One memorable project journey for Đăng and his team was in Sa Pa (Lào Cai). The experience in this highland region left an indelible mark on the team members. Seeing the children’s eagerness while flipping through the pages filled them with immense joy and hope for a brighter future for these highland children.

Gathering Love and Support

Trao tặng sách của dự án "Sách đến tay em" - Ảnh do nhân vât cung cấp
Trao tặng sách của dự án “Sách đến tay em” – Ảnh do nhân vât cung cấp

The early days of the project posed challenges in securing funds and rallying team members. Đăng reminisces about the sweltering summer days in Hanoi, with team members traveling by bicycle, motorbike, or bus to collect books for the project. “I remember cycling from Võ Chí Công to Cầu Giấy with hundreds of books. I was so worried about dropping and damaging them,” Đăng expresses his concern.

From its inception in Sa Pa, “Books to Every Child” has now gathered and donated 13 bookcases in various provinces throughout Vietnam. “Our greatest hope is that children will find new touchpoints in their hearts. Books are the companions in achieving this. The diverse colors from these pages enrich our souls,” Đăng reflects with conviction.

The project team aspires to collaborate with organizations to extend this loving journey across the nation. Though challenging, Đăng believes that with each individual’s small contribution, it’s entirely possible to collectively address this challenge, contributing to the spread and development of a reading culture in areas where access to books is still limited due to living conditions.

Books as Precious Companions

For Đăng, books have been invaluable companions, helping him feel less alone in the capital city and discover more joys in life. He mentions books like Thích Nhất Hạnh’s “True Happiness,” J.Krishnamurti’s “Unlimited Mind,” and Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng’s “Lessons from a Janitor” as impactful, breaking personal barriers and expanding his horizons.

“Choose books as meaningful gifts for every child,” Đăng encourages, emphasizing the transformative power of reading.


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