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Blue Uniform Volunteers Spread Love in Trà Mai’s Mountainous Region

In this year’s Green Summer campaign, 20 volunteers from the Hand in Hand group (University of Pedagogy – University of Danang) have brought love to Tra Mai mountainous commune (Nam Tra My district, Quang Nam province).

image 242

During their brief 10-day stay in Thon 3 (Tra Mai commune), the volunteers [helped the local residents] by leveling the ground, building a community volleyball court, painting and repairing classrooms, conducting [skills classes] for the local children, organizing mountain film screenings, and preparing loving meals.

image 243

In preparation for the “”””Tra Mai – Steady Steps of Love”””” journey, the group made two advanced trips to listen to the thoughts and desires of the local residents. To fulfill the people’s wishes, the group decided to construct a [youth facility], a community volleyball court, and [paint and repair]( a local school.

image 244

This is the first year for Pham Dien Khoa (born in 2003, a Mathematics student at Danang University of Pedagogy) to participate in the [summer volunteering] with the group. Overcoming initial challenges, Khoa and the other volunteers quickly began working on the community volleyball court project.

image 245

“”””Because our base camp and activities are quite far from the volleyball court location, every day, the group had to travel a long distance, consuming a lot of time. The weather in Tra Mai is also quite unpredictable, especially frequent afternoon rainstorms, which often disrupted our work. This had a significant impact on the construction progress,”””” Khoa recounted.

image 246

To ensure the timely delivery of the volleyball court to the residents of Thon 3, the volunteers had to work through lunchtime, skipping many meals to address the backlog caused by heavy rain, power outages, or water shortages.

image 247

According to Mr. Tu Quang Minh, the head of the Hand In Hand volunteer and charity group at Danang University of Pedagogy, the implementation of the campaign faced various challenges, from manpower to funding, for the construction of the volleyball court.

image 248

“”””However, we also received tremendous support from generous individuals and the contributions of the residents of Thon 3, who provided their labor to help us build and complete the volleyball court,”””” Minh shared.

image 249

In just 10 short days, the group leveled about 200m2 of hilly terrain and paved it with concrete to construct a community volleyball court for the residents of Thon 3. After completing the groundwork, the [volunteers]( quickly installed columns, nets, boundary lines, and more to finish the court.

image 250

Thanks to the efforts of the [volunteers](, the volleyball court for the residents of Thon 3 (Tra Mai commune) was completed on schedule. After the handover ceremony and the installation of a plaque for the project, the first volleyball match took place between the Hand in Hand group volunteers and the local residents.

image 251

In addition to constructing the volleyball court, the group also repainted the school in the village and installed two community bookshelves to make the daily school journey more interesting and exciting for the local children.

image 252

The [special skills classes]( conducted by the green-shirted teachers during the more than 10 days that the group stayed in Tra Mai were always full of students. Each morning, the children engaged in group exercises, folk dances, and collective singing. Through various games, the volunteers integrated additional knowledge and skills, teaching the children how to protect themselves, maintain proper personal hygiene, prevent electrical accidents, and handle thunderstorms during the rainy season.

image 253

Furthermore, the volunteers also organized evening film screenings, loving meals, and improved bubble tea… to provide the children in this mountainous area with new and exciting experiences during their summer vacation.


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