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Art Therapy for the Mind: Doodle and Draw

Embracing Childhood Favorites: Coloring and Drawing

Finding Solace in Art During Lonely Days

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Why not revisit a beloved childhood activity during these lonely days of social distancing? Coloring and drawing can be therapeutic and enjoyable pastimes. An illustrator from Vietcetera introduces relaxing drawing activities you can do at home, along with tips for drawing with the carefree spirit of a child.

Adult Coloring Books: A Stress-Reliever

The repetitive motion of coloring is proven to be relaxing. According to art therapist Professor Marygrace Berberian, coloring books have therapeutic potential, helping to reduce anxiety and practice mindfulness. The black lines provided by artists give you a sense of confidence and safety compared to facing a blank page. Instead of worrying about the final outcome, coloring books allow you to focus and feel satisfied with completing each small detail.

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Recommended Coloring Books for You:

Wonderful Vietnam – Neil Featherstone: If you’ve been missing travel, why not “travel” through Vietnam with these drawings? This book features majestic landscapes and rich cultural scenes from Vietnam, from Lung Cu flagpole and terraced fields to a lavish Tet meal.

Tô Bình Yên Vẽ Hạnh Phúc – Kulzsc: This book captures peaceful everyday moments like the smell of new books, a home-cooked meal, or a nap on a cool mat. During these times of isolation, sometimes we just need a reminder of simple joys.

The Secret Garden – Johanna Basford: A pioneering adult coloring book filled with intricate, fantastical elements. Despite its age, it remains popular for its detailed and creative hand-drawn images.

Choosing the Right Materials:

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Colored pencils: Portable and precise for detailed drawings, but sharpening them can interrupt your creative flow. Try creating patterns with a system of repeated strokes. They usually have low pigment, ideal for softer color preferences.

Wax/oil pastels: Holding a pastel can bring back a sense of childhood freedom. They offer versatility; you can blend colors and use varying pressure for bold or soft lines. Keep a wet cloth handy to avoid smudging.

Markers: Bright and vibrant, they are suitable for those who enjoy quick and fearless experiments. However, they can bleed through pages, so use a blank sheet in between pages.

Simple Illustration Guidebooks:
Misconceptions about “good drawing” equating to realism can be intimidating. If you’re hesitant to start drawing, try simple illustration exercises that help you relax and gain confidence. With simplified lines, you can illustrate your thoughts and everyday moments.

Book Suggestions for You:

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Simple Drawing Method (Landscape & Still Life, Animals, Characters): This childhood series inspired the article’s author to pursue a career in illustration. The simple yet fitting drawings are easy for children to follow and beautifully represent Vietnamese life and people.

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“20 ways to draw…” series – Various Authors: Part guide, part sketchbook, it covers a range of themes from animals, plants, clothes, to diverse doodles. You can draw directly into the blank sections or color the author’s illustrations.

How to Draw Comfortably:

Don’t aim to copy exactly. Your drawings may be different but will have their own charm. Break down the drawing into individual lines and remember how they move. Draw without looking at the book.
Use a ballpoint pen on a napkin, sketching without erasing. Remember, you’re drawing for fun, not perfection.
Focus on the act of drawing, not what you’re drawing. This can be a mindful exercise, living in the present moment.

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Create simple illustrations and add dialogues or funny captions for a personal touch.

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