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Our journey

Founded in 2021, Tot Dep Books is the brainchild of a vibrant team of young Buddhists. With international education and exposure, they've cultivated a profound appreciation for Vietnamese culture and Buddhist philosophy. Their vision transcends the boundaries of a typical technology and media company; they aspire to inspire, to touch hearts, and to illuminate minds.

Tot Dep Books is not just a brand; it's a purpose-driven platform that specializes in creating Buddhist and culturally rich products. We offer an exciting array of interactive books, coloring books, paper toys, and comics, all designed to instill Buddha's teachings in children and deepen adults' understanding of Buddhism. Through our products, we aim to honor the vibrancy of Vietnamese culture and foster a spirit of patriotism.

Every day at Tot Dep Books is a testament to tireless dedication and unwavering passion. Our team pours their energy and intellect into creating innovative, quality publications that resonate with our customers. Guided by Buddha's teachings, we've been able to accomplish extraordinary feats in a short time. Our commitment remains steadfast: to help as many people as possible benefit from Buddha's wisdom and to celebrate the exquisite beauty of Vietnamese culture and its people.

Our Vision

To utilize the timeless teachings of Buddha to shape a harmonious society where peace, compassion, and wisdom thrive.

Our Mission

To elevate Buddhism and Vietnamese culture by creating accessible, quality products that touch hearts, enrich minds, and inspire a sense of reverence and love for our shared heritage.

Our Core Values

At Tot Dep Books, we are firm believers in the power of Positive Change. We trust in the potential within each individual to revolutionize their lives by embracing the essence of positivity.

Kindness Orientation

All products and projects of Tot Dep Books carry a common philosophy, which is to spread the spirit of kindness from the simplest things.

Nurturing Seeds

Tot Dep Books believes that good deeds come not only from actions but also from compassionate hearts and the persistence in nurturing those positive thoughts every day, through every action, in each product.


Just like the philosophy of reincarnation in Buddhism, when good values are born and nurtured, these values need to be spread and passed on to many generations, many people. From there, the goodness in life will always be generated, always given, and always continued in endless circles.

Our Motivations

The Motivation of Tot Dep Books is fueled by our team's unwavering determination to deliver nothing but the best products and services to our customers.


We constantly improves knowledge of Buddhist teachings and learns valuable lessons when developing new products.


The strong vow of the entire Tot Dep Books team to dedicate ourselves to serving Buddhism and Vietnamese culture.


A stream of fresh ideas constantly born from the mindfulness practice of the entire Tot Dep Books team.


The focused, persistent work ethic to bring the best values to customers, especially children.

Our Special Projects

Zero-Waste Life

A unique initiative where we exchange paper waste for gifts

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Gifts of Wisdom

Honour individuals/businesses by naming them in a book as a special gift.

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More Fun - Less Expense

Enjoy more for less with our special group purchase discount programs.

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Joy Doubled

For every book you purchase*, Tot Dep Books will gift another book**, spreading joy to another child.

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