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Finding Solace in Buddhist Prayers: A Boy’s Four-Year Fight against Cancer

Despite suffering from a serious illness since he was just a few months old, the determination and resilience of this young boy are truly admirable.
Many young children unfortunately face the battle against cancer, which deeply saddens many. What’s remarkable is that, when adults, who are more mature and experienced, find themselves in the dire circumstances of a life-threatening illness, they may experience crisis, pessimism, and even contemplate ending their own lives. On the other hand, carefree children possess an incredibly fierce will to fight against illness in order to grasp the opportunity to live.

image 134
The diligent boy recites Buddhist scriptures every day.

The story of the young boy below serves as a testament to this. According to a Facebook account by the name of H.T, a heartwarming story is shared along with an image of a boy in a hospital. In the photo, the boy has no hair, and he is connected to various intravenous lines, surrounded by the four walls of a quiet hospital room.

Nevertheless, the boy’s face shines brightly, with big round eyes and a cheerful smile. What’s even more special is that, despite sitting on a hospital bed, the boy clutches a Buddhist scripture. The post also reveals that the boy unfortunately developed cancer at just 4 months old. However, since he learned to speak, he has memorized and recited the scripture, faithfully reciting Buddhist prayers on his hospital bed every day.

cau be mac ung thu tu 4 thang tuoi tung kinh niem phat moi ngay tren giuong benh 1 125240
cau be mac ung thu tu 4 thang tuoi tung kinh niem phat moi ngay tren giuong benh 2 125243
Despite being young, he always remains optimistic in overcoming the illness.

Also in this post, the writer states that after 4 years of intensive treatment, enduring all the pain, a miracle happened. The illness gradually subsided, and the young boy was finally discharged from the hospital. This story of the resilience of life has deeply touched many hearts.

cau be mac ung thu tu 4 thang tuoi tung kinh niem phat moi ngay tren giuong benh 3 125308
The image of the boy has moved many people.

Original post by H.T:

“At 4 months old, he had an illness inside him, but his mother didn’t know. When the doctor diagnosed him with cancer, his mother was stunned, but she had to stay strong to fight this disease together with him.

Every day, battling the illness, receiving chemotherapy, losing hair, enduring high fevers, he continued to recite Buddhist scriptures, and in the end, he triumphed over this disease. After more than 4 years of fighting the illness, enduring much pain, he was finally discharged…”


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